At Vault Capital Partners, we provide assurance and certainty to borrowers. How? Through expert solutions and trust. Borrows need to believe in and trust their lenders, and with over 30 years’ experience in the finance industry, VCP is one of the most well-respected and trusted financiers in Australia. We have assisted in lending over $150M worth of funds to our clients across multiple sectors including multi-unit residential housing, subdivisions, and commercial projects.

Our diverse portfolio and excellent track record have put us on the map since our inception, and we continue to be borrowers’ investment firm of choice.

We connect borrowers, investors, and brokers to fund a range of projects. Here are just some of the loans you can obtain from Vault Capital Partners.

Developers Loan

A development loan is structured to fund the construction of multiple properties on one title. When it comes to residential property development loans, they can be used to develop up to four units (duplexes, triplexes, and townhouses).

This type of investment property loan lets you do more than just improve upon construction – it allows you to pay for the excavation and infrastructure.

At Vault Capital partners, we can also help you with commercial property development loans for warehouses, factories, office spaces, retail outlets, and more.

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Construction Loans

A construction loan is a short-term loan which is used to fund a real estate project before long-term financing is secured. Unlike development loans, these are used specifically for building improvements.

At Vault Capital Partners, we can help you secure construction loans for commercial properties, multi-unit residential homes, or even the development of entire subdivisions.

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First Mortgage Loans

A first mortgage loan is the primary loan on a commercial property development. This is the main loan on a property, and is secured by the property itself. VCP can help you secure a first mortgage loan, and will work closely with you to iron out the terms in a way that is unique to your financial situation.

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Second Mortgage Loans

Second mortgage loans are borrowed against the equity of a property. These can be used to fund additional projects and additions. If you’ve already got a first mortgage taken out, a second mortgage could be the investment property loan to continue development of your commercial property.

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Caveat Loans

A caveat loan gives the lender an interest in the property. This type of loan is especially designed to be a quick transaction. If you need to improve your cash flow or make a major business purchase, this type of loan can give you access to the funding you need.

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Bridging Loans

If you’re trying to capitalise on a property purchase but only have a short window of time, a bridging loan may be what you require. This type of loan is designed to be a short-term option that bridges a gap between an impending debt, and securing a main source of funding.

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Project Management
& Joint Ventures

Project Management
Whether you are constructing an apartment complex, townhouses, land subdivision or other project, you will have a unique set of needs. Ensuring you’ve secured financing, obtained the right materials on-site, and have hired the best people for the job is easier said than done. That’s where VCP comes in. We’re experts in the legal side of project management and can ensure your project runs smoothly and successfully. With decades of experience and an industry-renowned team, we will drive you towards success by customising our services to suit your unique needs.

Joint Ventures
At Vault Capital Partners, we deeply understand the value of great partnerships. As a leading investment firm, we want to help you realise your vision by utilising our extensive property development experience and our ability to deliver projects. With our pre-eminent network of builders, architects, town planners, and lawyers, a joint venture with Vault Capital Partners is a recipe for project success.

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