Faster Approval

When you’re waiting on approval for investment property loans, an entire project can lurch to a standstill without the funding to back it up. Our private lending team understands the urgency behind certain loan applications so we work quickly to communicate with you and approve your loan so that you can start or continue your development or improvements.

Less Red Tape

Speaking of the approval process, our private lending company has significantly less red tape than if you were to apply for a government loan. You may think that all of the documentation and steps they ask you to take are for your benefit, but they’re really only looking out to protect themselves and ensure that they’ll receive their return on investment.
Our application process is simpler and more streamlined so that you can submit your application and any documentation quickly, and receive confirmation sooner.

A Network of Contacts

One of the many ways we are able to remove all of the red tape that a bank still requires of you is by establishing a team of professionals that you can consult with throughout the lending process. Each of our team members bring over a decade of experience and knowledge to the table regarding different facets of investment property loans. Whether you’re a borrower, investor, broker, or project manager, we can consult with you and give you the tools you need to execute a successful building project.

Your Best Interests Prioritised

We bring our years of experience and knowledge to make sure that every building and property owner that applies for a loan through Vault Capital Partners gets the assistance they need. We offer a variety of investment property loans to address your project needs, and we ensure that you get funds quickly to get your project underway. Get in touch with our private lending team today to learn more.

Your Complete Solution

By bringing everything we know to the table, in addition to what we learn in our continued pursuit of excellence, we become the ultimate answer to your borrowing challenges. There’s no need to cobble together a team of professionals from different companies when we have everything you need under one roof.